Download FREE Coloring Page For Kids!

Download FREE Coloring Page For Kids!

FREE coloring page!
If you would like to download my Free kids coloring page. Just enter your email address for access!
They are only up for a limited time so hurry before it is gone!

Change a child’s life by making them a priority. Kids from the ages of eight to eighteen are spending an average of 44.5 hours a week on some form of media. With consumption at this level, media has become a type of “super-peer,” influencing behaviors and shaping values. Mom’s and Dad’s need to become more intentional about spending quality time with kids. By taking short times throughout your day you can give a meaningful life lesson. That lesson can help steer a child on the better path.

Download our free weekly coloring pages with an instruction to talk about each week. This week is a promise from God and a fun Easter picture. Have fun! Have your kids color the page and put the message by their bed. This will be a reminder for them to think about God’s promises and His love for them!

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